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10 variations of Genjyo Sanzo

well i did it. and you all can visit it at 10variations if you want. i still haven't gotten my banner for it yet but still
here are some teasers:

Photobucket Photobucket

001 : Unresized 002 : Rotated 003 : Desaturated 004 : Mirror 005 : Twice
006 : Altered Color 007 : Whole Image 008 : Texture 009 : Adjustment Layer/Layer Style 010 : All Non-Square

also here are some odd little ones i made recently. Kain and Janos from the LOK series. The Janos one is of early concept art and the one of Kain is from FMV story board art from the opening movie of Soul Reaver 2...yes I colored them...and yea Janos was a big pain in the ass to color...and so was Kain:

Janos Kain
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